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SubtitleNEXT Expert

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SubtitleNEXT provides a full range of modules and applications needed to cover all timed text related scenarios from creation to distribution for multimedia industries.

SubtitleNEXT Expert gives you the advantage of complete access to all SubtitleNEXT features, including:

  • FREE 1st Year Updates and Premium Support 
  • Text editing and formatting
  • Translation
  • Spotting
  • QA
  • Professional Subtitling Formats
  • Professional Cinema Formats
  • DVD, Blu-Ray, Film
  • Subtitles Over Video Signal

  • Spell-checker
  • Subtitle page preparation
  • Subtitle layout
  • Timecode alignment
  • File playback
  • LTC
  • VITC
  • Video IN (analog, SDI, stream)
  • File-to-file
  • VGA Burn IN
  • Media files
  • Direct online media
  • Media metadata
  • RS-422
  • Import / Export: Text, PAC (Win2020), EBU, SoftNI, WebTT, 708/608 CC (MCC/SCC), DAS, SRT / SUB, DVD / Blu-ray Export, Film Export
  • Export to media files: Burn-in over picture, Graphics with alpha, CC streams, DVB streams
  • Real-time output: Multi-head graphic board / HDM, DVB Subtitle ES, Decklink

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