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SubtitleNEXT Explorer

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SubtitleNEXT provides a full range of modules and applications needed to cover all timed text related scenarios from creation to distribution for multimedia industries.

SubtitleNEXT Explorer features include: 

  • FREE 1st Year Updates and Premium Support 
  • Text editing and formatting
  • Translation
  • Spotting
  • QA
  • Professional Subtitling Formats

  • Spell-checker
  • Subtitle page preparation
  • Subtitle layout
  • Timecode alignment
  • File playback
  • LTC
  • VITC
  • Video IN (analog, SDI, stream)
  • File-to-file
  • VGA Burn-in
  • Media files
  • Direct online media
  • Media metadata
  • RS-422
  • Import / Export: Text, PAC (Win2020), EBU, SoftNI, WebTT, 708/608 CC (MCC/SCC), DAS, SRT / SUB
  • Export to media files: Burn-in over picture, Graphics with alpha, CC streams, DVB streams
  • Real-time output: Multi-head graphic board / HDM, DVB Subtitle ES

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